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You’ve finally perfected the art of swaddling. Your baby wrapping skills now rival your older sister’s, the group leader of your mom’s group, and even the nurse who first showed you the ropes.Just when you are feeling all pumped to swaddle any tot that comes your way, you realize that your own child doesn’t need to be wrapped anymore and prefers the freedom of movement. Well, maybe your baby doesn’t need to be bound tightly anymore, but she does need a safe and warm way to stay covered in bed. Let us introduce the Muslin Sleeping Bag by Aden and Anais . These sleeping bags are made with 100% cotton muslin, the same material Aden and Anais uses for their beloved, bestselling swaddling blankets. Constructed of a single layer of waffled cotton, these sleeping bags provide ventilated warmth to keep your child comfortable while she sleeps. These cozy bags are the perfect transition between swaddling blankets and loose blankets for kids. As the sleeping bag is wearable, it eliminates the dangers of loose bedding in the crib and therefore SIDS. This sleeping bag gets worn over your child’s pajamas and features an inverted zipper to prevent any scratches or snags. Besides the undeniable safe design, we also love the adorable and chic patterns. Sizing: Small (up to 6 months, 10-18 lbs, 23″-28″), Medium (6-12 months, 15-24 lbs, 26″-31″) Shop all Aden + Anais at Magic Beans

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