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Ever microwave a bowl of food and then, when you’re eating it, find a cold spot in the middle? Ew, nobody likes that! And if your baby, who hasn’t quite picked up the skill of pulling a blanket back on* kicks it off and gets chilly, doesn’t like cold spots either. That’s why the Gunamuna Duvet Wearable Blanket has inside box construction, to keep the warm filling from shifting around! This way, your baby can enjoy luxurious warmth all night, happily immune to the winter cold. The unique 4-way WonderZip makes it incredibly easy to get your baby into her Gunamuna Duvet Wearable Blanket, to adjust ventilation if she gets too toasty, and most importantly, to change her diaper at night! Just open the bottom of the Gunamuna, whisk away the dirty diaper, get her all cleaned up, and everyone can go back to sleep faster. You can also just open the bottom to give a busy baby a little more room to wiggle and kick. The Gunamuna Duvet Wearable Blanket is made with silky-soft spandex and viscose, and can be machine-washed and machine-dried. Check the side menu to see the available sizes and styles! *Also, prior to age 1, she should not be sleeping with loose bedding – a sleeping bag like the Gunamuna Gunapod is much safer.

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