I Dream of Unicorns Kids Fuzzy Lounge Shorts


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This is a pair of I Dream of Unicorns Kids Fuzzy Lounge Shorts that features a print of animals with unicorn horns, ice cream, hearts, and rainbows.

Sleepover EssentialsYour girl is headed to her very first sleepover. How fun! We remember those days. The night would start with pizza (always) and then popcorn and a movie. We’d have hot cocoa before brushing our teeth for bed, where we’d while the night away giggling, telling stories, and talking about any and everything under the sun…er…moon. It’s practically a childhood ritual. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate chip pancakes in the morning. Those are essential to the whole vibe.Do you know what else is a sleepover must-have? A cute pair of PJs! These I Dream of Unicorns Fuzzy Lounge Shorts for Kids will send your gal off to her first slumber party feeling confident and totally cool from head to toe!Fun DetailsThese fun and whimsical shorts are sure to send a streak of envy through every girl at the party…but that’s OK, you brought a pair for all of them! They have a comfy elastic waistband and a plush, fuzzy fabric that will make for a cozy night, even in a sleeping bag.Special Bonus Printed with bold graphics of ice cream, rainbows, and of course, unicorns, these special shorts are bound to make a memorable occasion into an unforgettable one! The fact that you get a night to yourself? Well, that’s just icing on the unicorn cake!

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