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She can’t walk or talk yet, and she’s just figuring out how to smile, but you’d be surprised at how agile your baby can be when she’s determined to get out of a swaddling position that she doesn’t like. And every baby seems to like something a little bit different: some babies are quite happy with their arms pinned up against their sides, while others absolutely must be able to get their hands up to their face in order to self-soothe. If you have a baby who absolutely must have her hands up, but you want her to experience the ultimate soothing comfort of a swaddling blanket, try the Love to Dream Swaddle Up! The Swaddle Up combines the benefits of swaddles and sleeping bags, giving your baby the gentle pressure of a swaddler and keeping her arms and legs completely contained, while allowing her to bring her hands up to suck on them through the fabric. As with all swaddling blankets, the Love To Dream Swaddle Up relaxes babies with a snug feel that calms their startle reflex (which can cause snoozing babies to hit themselves and wake themselves up, resulting in tears). It also keeps pointy little fingernails away from your baby’s face, which can be helpful when you’re nursing! It’s easy to put your baby into the Love To Dream Swaddle Up, with a simple zipper down the front; a double zipper lets you get at her diaper easily, for middle-of-the-night changes. The Love To Dream Swaddle Up swaddling blanket is made with soft cotton elastane, the same fabric as your favorite stretchy teeshirt, so it’s breathable and babies shouldn’t overheat in it; just adjust what else baby is wearing to adjust how warm or cool she is at night. Check out the menus above for sizing, and check out the Love To Dream Swaddle Up 50/50 for older babies who are ready to start transitioning towards a sleep bag!

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