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Updated for 2014! The Marmot Sawtooth 15 Degree sleeping bag is built for three-season backpacking and camping. For the price, you’d be hard pressed to find a better alternative to its combination of features and down-insulated performance.
The Sawtooth 15 Degree is insulated with 650+ fill down. Fill power measures the loft, or “fluffiness,” of down insulation. Marmot goes to great lengths to guarantee the 650+ certification with a battery of in-house and external verifications. Renowned for their efficiency in retaining heat and compressible properties, the feathers and fibers of down have an incredibly soft, comfortable feel and, despite advances in synthetic materials, continue to provide the best warmth-to-weight ratio of any insulation available. The one weakness of down insulation is that it loses much of its ability to maintain warmth when it gets wet. The one weakness of down insulation is that it loses much of its ability to maintain warmth when it gets wet; this is less of a problem in the Sawtooth 15 Degree, though, since the down in this bag is protected with Marmot’s Down Defender water repellent treatment that allows the down to stay drier 10 times longer than untreated down in damp conditions. Down Defender down also Maintains 150% more loft and dries 30% faster than untreated down.
Eliminating cold spots and providing comfort, sewn-through baffles ensure that the insulation of the Sawtooth 15 Degree is distributed evenly throughout the bag. Ground-level side seams make it difficult for body heat to rise and escape through the zipper and Marmot’s patented Heat Bump draft tube seals cold air out of the bag along the zipper. An ergonomic baffled hood mirrors the design of Marmot’s popular outerwear jackets, helping to reduce heat loss, and a down filled collar with drawcord adjustability helps to keep cold air from entering through the top of the bag. An integrated stash pocket provides a handy storage option for keys, lip balm and other small items. Zipper guards help to avoid irritating and damaging snags and two-way sliding zippers allows venting on warmer nights. Marmot’s patented Trapezoid Foot Box is wider at the toes and narrower at the heels, providing a more natural fit while improving warmth and comfort, and a heater pocket in the footbox lets you add additional warmth on truly cold nights.
The Marmot Sawtooth 15 Degree sleeping bag is available in Regular (fits up to 6′ 0″) and Long (fits up to 6′ 6″) lengths. A stuff and storage sack is included.
Long, Regular, 22670-LZ, 22660-LZ

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